The digital music services may not be generating massive amounts of cash just yet but DRM is the place to go according to Digital Tech Consulting (DTC). The worldwide DRM market was worth $600 million last year but in four short years it could be worth $1.9 billion! The spark to start that fire will be DRM for mobile devices according to DTC, reaching $500 million plus by 2009. Hollywood Reporter has more details of The Business Of Digital Copyright study.

The study cites the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DRM as a success and that more than 40% of content-protected hardware sold in 2009 will be mobile devices – right 311 million units, up from 17.1 million last year. DRM revenues will be derived form video as well as music, in fact TV over mobile is possibly the hottest topic at the moment with trials in the UK kicking off now and working models already in action in South Korea and Japan.

Unfortunately for the music space copy-protected CDs are expected to form half of all CD sold by 2009, let’s hope they resolve the interoperability issues by then.