Released June 2005

Bouncing out of the demise of Zwan, Billy Corgan has moved out into a place that strikes me as a bit more comfortable for him. The posing, the masks and the displacement of his previous work have been set to one side. The musical poppiness and emotional baggage of Zwan has gone and the sturm and drang of Smashing Pumpkins has on the whole been replaced by a dark, brooding and keyboard-laden Billy. However, his often underrated guitar work is still much in evidence.

This is a naked and sensitive Billy with the album seeming to be much more a personal statement with introspective lyrics throughout. The album follows a new book of poetry and the simplicity from one is evident in the other. Of the new songs All Things Change, the upbeat Mina Loy (M.O.H.) and A100 are excellent. First single Walking Shade does a kind of retro skip past Zwan and touch on late Pumpkins which makes for a nice easy entrance to the album for his many fans. The album also features The Cure’s Robert Smith doing the backing vocals on a cover of, wait for it, The Bee Gees To Love Somebody … ah yes, surprising Billy!

With so many personas, no wonder he didn’t need a band for this one! A cracking album from an often intriguing artist and I’d also mention that it’s worth checking out his site for his blog and other writing.

Recommended listening
Mina Loy
All Things Change
To Love Somebody