The theory that mobile phones will break Apple’s dominance of the digital music market is being run around the press again with barely reheated facts such as that 750 million mobile handsets will be sold in the next 12 months versus 45 million iPods being used as the foundation. Sadly, there’s not much research being done by the writers who would find that there are major questions as to whether a) people want a phone with even more functionality (most seem to want less) b) the installed base and cult of the iPod is pretty massive and not likely to suddenly disappear; c) you can’t play your music from your mobile phone anywhere else, yes nowhere else other than your mobile phone – not a particularly attractive option; and d) mobile music pricing may be the preferred point for the music industry but the music buying public want lower not higher prices (plus data transfer costs). Oh, and there’s an e) phone interfaces are possibly thr worst designed interfaces in the world, only slightly worse than digital music service it has to be said.

Can we please think this one through bandwagon jumpers?