The US Supreme Court has overturned previous rulings in favour of peer to peer service Grokster and in doing so has handed the music and film industries an almighty big stick with which to beat the offenders. The court did a god job though of interpreting that this type of technology can be used for good as well as evil. The big question now is how will the music and film bods react?

If they go all biblical and try wipe the services out, they could be killing a gold egg-laying goose as the simplicity of P2P is much favoured over the diverse and often confusing legitimate digital music services. The ruling is a major wake up call for everyone connected but hopefully more thought and planning to provide the types of services at the price consumers want will be applied rather than brute force.

The IFPI statement
A BBC report on the ruling

“The bottom line is that consumers are going to have to get used to paying for their music. Period,” said Wayne Rosso, the former Grokster president, in The Guardian.