The International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is claiming that one in every three music CDs sold are pirated copies in a new report, with a cost to the music industry of roughly $4.6 billion. The IFPI also cited the top 10 offending countries with Brazil leading the way with 56% of CDs sold being illegal but China topping the poll in total numbers. In Europe, Spain is the leading offender and the report was launched there for that very reason: IFPI Chairman and CEO John Kennedy said: “Spain was once a thriving legitimate music market known for the quality of its artists and the success of its music industry. Today Spain is known for the most serious piracy problems in Europe and urgent action is needed to do something about it. The government is aware of the situation and has announced plans for a programme against piracy – however, we now need to see concrete actions and specific results.”

The UK has a big problem though with pirated CDs growing by more than 30% in volume, representing £76.9 million.