Released July 2005

It’s barely four years since Royksopp popping straight into our melodic, electronic mainstream with the single Eple and provided the perfect chill-out album soon thereafter with Melody AM. The duo has returned with The Understanding, which opens with a rolling piano riff for Triumphant and we’re off, launched into another multi-layered musical journey with Svein and Torbjørn.

The real kicker on this album comes next though with the brilliant Only This Moment, featuring Kate Havnevik. I really love this track with its insistent bassline driving everything along while the sugar-sweet vocals give it real range. The duo themselves contribute the majority of vocals on the album with guest spots from Chelonis R Jones (49 Percent) and Karin Dreijer on What Else Is There. And, frankly, who can resist the ping of the Linn drums that open Follow My Ruin. There’s a lot more on this album to get you up on your feet instead of slouching in your chair, chillin, a good example of which is Circuit Breaker, the aforementioned Follow My Ruin as well as the Spartan and percussive 49 Percent.

Someone Like You is a continuation of their previous fine work, so you can settle back in that chair with your headphones and enjoy your nice cup of cocoa (other hot beverages are available). Cleverly crafted with quality toons throughout, this is a worthy successor to their debut.

Recommended listening:
Only This Moment
Follow My Ruin
Circuit Breaker
Alpha Male