Liam Gallagher

Having spent 45 minutes flicking through Oasis: Live In Manchester on TiVO, I still don’t get them. I mean they’re a reasonably talented bunch of musicians with the redeeming feature of a real superstar frontman, they have some great songs (and some real drones) and they have a massive fan base but they just don’t seem to care. I know there’s the whole we’re too cool for school thing but even on TV they leave 1, 2 or even 3 minutes between songs. Any energy and excitement quickly disappears before they have to start all over again, I mean doesn’t anyone manage these boys and tell them ‘if you just cut the gaps and moved occasionally, you could really get things going …’

Maybe they’re too big for their boots, maybe being Primrose Hillbillies suits them better but the idea of Oasis remains exciting while the reality is a flatliner.