Broadband penetration in the UK has now passed 30% according to UK regulator Ofcom and is viewed as important for most consumers. Thereare also more broadband-conncted homes than there are narrowband 8.1 million vs 7.6 million. Broadband is the key ingredient for digital music service (DMS) as it makes the downloading of songs satifyingly speedy. The speeds are increasing with some services now reaching as fast as 24Mb and 2-8Mb being quite widely available over standard BT phone lines via ADSL. Consumers are now spending, on average, more than £1,000 on digital services including TV, phone, online and radio, a rise of more than 33% over the past five years, though the price per Mb for broadband is starting to fall as demand and availability start to match up.

From The Guardian: Ofcom predicted that virtually all British homes – 99.6% – would have access to a broadband connection by the end of this year. By 2010, it suggested that more people could be watching television over the internet than via analogue sets.