Often promised and now delivered as Apple has opened its 20th iTunes store in the world’s second largest music market. Somehow Mr Jobs and co have made their way through LabelGate, the organised body representing Japan’s music labels, which until today had a stranglehold on digital music in Japan. The digital music scene was dominated by mobile devices, restrictive DRM and tracks that were much more expensive than in other music markets. However, Apple iTunes has come in at 75p per song (150 Yen) and seemingly without DRM adjustments for its 1 million+ Japanese catalogue, which in September of last year looked like it could be the deal-breaker.

“We think this is going to change the experience of discovering and buying and enjoying music in Japan,” Jobs said. “Together with the iPod, we think we are ushering in a whole new age of digital music.”

The fly in the ointment for Jobs and Apple is the fact that a deal with Sony Music in Japan couldn’t be reached and Sony says that talks are continuing but that no deal is ready.

No doubt Steve Jobs will now be hoping to get his Japanese digital audio player market share will start climbing from its current 38% towards the 70% mark Apple enjoys worldwide. Wonder if Jobs will pick up any mobile tips and tricks while he there …

Napster is planning to match Apple’s move with a partnership offering with Tower Records but no date yet.