From the excellent MusicAlly (if you don’t have a sub – try one, really very good and no I don’t work for them):

“The record industry has been trumpeting good news on download stats of late. The latest statistics from the IFPI show that legal music downloads in the first six months of 2005 in the US, the UK, Germany and France have already outnumbered the total for the whole of last year – 180 million compared to 157 million for the whole of 2004. Meanwhile EMI claimed group digital revenues were more than double those in the same period last year, representing 4.8% of total revenues, and up from 3.5% in the fourth quarter of the prior financial year.

EMI’s figures sound particularly impressive and have clearly been helped by the likes of Coldplay’s impressive digital sales. However, on a note of caution, these figures also include all mobile revenues. And though the current figures were not broken down, in a presentation for EMI’s preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2005, group mobile revenues represented 58% of the overall digital total.”

Labels are still bundling mobile ringtone downloads with full track downloads? They’re not even the same thing and what have most labels got to do with ringtones, surely that’s a direct relationship between the rights holders and the ringtone companies? It really worries me that they can’t tell the difference or least in public statements.