Those lovely chaps over at MusicAlly have some news to cheer mobile music fans. T-Mobile has introduced a flat flat data transfer scheme. Naturally, there will be caveats not least a cap on the amount of data transferred each month but it’s a huge leap from the draconian data models currently available. Oh, and it’s only in Germany at the moment though a UK release is promised … eventually.

MusicAlly: “There is in fact only one device – the Sidekick – which will enable unlimited browsing, and currently only in Germany, for an additional EUR €15 per month. But other devices allow for up to 30MB of browsing for EUR €10 per month, which will – in theory – allow user behaviour similar to that on the internet. T-Mobile Netherlands this week announced it will follow Germany with the flat rate ‘web ‘n walk’ offering and other T-Mobile operators are expected to follow soon. T-Mobile UK has confirmed it will launch, but won’t say when.”