Like London buses, you wait ages for one and then two come at once. Yes, we got the iTunes phone from Apple and Motorola, marketed with Cingular in the US but of course Jobs and Ives had a litle something extra up their sleeves.Little being the operative word with the iPod Nano coming in with a 2Gb or 4Gb models in black or white. Extremely thing and beautifully designed, it’s already being argued that this is what the Shuffle should have been and certainly it puts that model in medium-term doubt.

Pentagram must be doing something right as its mock-up that I reported earlier this year is very close to the black Nano or vice versa.

The iTunes Phone won’t win any awards for design but as a step forward in mobile music functionality (PC direct to phone), it certainly breaks new ground and its uptake is going to be watched very closely by a large number of companies in both the music and mobile space. In the US, mobile operators have already rolled out other Motorola models offering the same straight PC to phone portability, bypassing any mobile music store in one step. The current model on offer would allow you to upload 100 songs from your computer and uses standard mini-jack headphones. If rumour is to be believed T-Mobile will be offering the handset in the UK, though competition could come from O2, according to MacUser. Maybe they read the Reuters report on profit margins on music for operators?