Released 2 September 2005

Of course, Singin’ In The Rain is brilliant, but hey, you’ve seen the ad and gone ‘wow, what’s that music behind Gene Kelly’s bandy-legged brilliance’. Well, the massive thumping given to the musical rain-bound classic is by these Royale boys and they’re back after a two-year break with a new album. Singin’ provides the bang of this album – it’s staggeringly simple and good – but you shouldn’t ignore the supporting cast in this big beat bonanza. Harpy is delicious, happy and sure moves my feet. Wait For Me picks up the pace from a simple skank and is pushed along by a Shadows-style two-step and twanging guitar. Taking a break from booming bass and 120 beats per minute, Little Words is a nice gear change down and gives some contrast. So, is it all about Singin? Nope, if the sun decides to stay on our shores for more than a day or two at a time then this album should provide a perfect soundtrack. This third Mint Royale outing has no Lauren Laverne, is a lot less frenetic than Propellerheads, doesn’t try as hard as Fatboy but is industrial enough to blow out a few bass bins.

Tippy Top tracks:
Wait For Me
Singin In The Rain
The Effect On me

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