Released July 2005

The Pernice Brothers inhabit a strange world that doesn’t really belong to any particular decade nor a style of music. They happily skirt between simple 60s pop songs through to latter day New Order and occasionally passing through some 80s pop, which I guess given their 70s and country roots is entirely in keeping. The band has a simple sound to offset the delicate vocals of Joe Pernice, but it is rich with melody and some rather attractive jangly guitars. There Goes The Sun opens the album up and sets the tone and pace. Snow livens things up with driving power chords before My So-Called Celebate Life takes thing down a notch and I think is the strongest track on the album. Also worth a mention is Dumb It Down with its caustic lyrics. Cracking album and songs that would be great live as well I suspect but I’ve yet to have the pleasure…

Recommended tracks:
There Goes The Sun
My So-Called Celebate Life
Dumb It Down

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