The IFPI has brought out its own software solution to ‘help’ users avoid those nasty peer-to-peer services and prevent “their computer being used for illegal file-swapping of copyrighted music and movies”.

In the IFPI’s own words, Digital File Check will:
– Identify and easily uninstall or block unwanted ‘file-sharing’- or ‘peer-to-peer’ (p2p) – software on your computer. Some p2p software can slow or damage your PC and can be used to illegally trade files.
– Search your computer and remove any music, film or image files that may have been copied or distributed without your permission or that of the copyright holders.
– Go through a simple inventory of all music, movie and picture files on your computer.

This all smacks of a touch of Big Brother, coupled with a condescending attitude that the labels continue to show to digital music, and now film, users. Noble and legally correct it may be but perhaps if the IFPI addressed the issues of compatibility, price and value for money then that might prove to be a mightier blow to illegal file sharing.

It’ll be available throughout Europe though the website offers no information on what platforms the software will work. Oh, and there’s actually no link to download the software.