The march of digital music is picking up pace with worldwide sales now reach 6% of all music sales worldwide. According to IFPI stats, music sales fell by 1.9% to $13.2 billion, however physical sales by 6.6% a hole almost filled by the threefold rise in digital music sales online and via the mobile platform.

While on one hand, digital music is praised and lauded for balancing the scales for the industry, with the other hand the industry is trying to squeeze the digital music services by breaking the current price points (upwards), most notably iTunes. Apple chief Steve Jobs has accused the labels of being greedy in seeking a price rise, labels chiefs are biting back.

On the new stats, IFPI Chairman and CEO John Kennedy said: “The digital music boom is continuing and it is growing at an exciting pace for the music industry, for online retailers and for consumers. More and more people in a growing number of countries are turning to the new legal ways of downloading music on the internet or via mobile phones.”

In the UK physical sales fell by 4% in value and 1.7% units in the first half period. By contrast digital sales saw explosive growth, with single track downloads alone increasing tenfold to 10 million songs in the first half of 2005 compared to the same period in 2004. Total sales in 2004 totalled 5.7 million songs.