Every DRM purchase is creating a deeper hole from which the consumer will not escape, according to ZDNet. However, as the gatekeepers show no sign of changing course and the iPod burrows ever deeper into our culture then there seems little other choice for the music lover. The cat is out of the bag as the explosive growth in the UK market this year shows, the fact that the rights owners have forced it to have two of its four legs tied together seems a rather obvious observation at this time.

I do think that to lump all DRM-encased music together is rather simplistic as well. The iTunes model may tie a user to the iPod but there’s much greater freedom with regard to copying and no additional costs for portability. The encroachment of further DRM on CDs as well as the handcuffs attached to mobile purchases should be of greater concern, while the spaghetti of Windows Media digital downloads is enough to scare off the majority.