The first of a few legalised and licensed peer-to-peer services has appeared with iMesh soft launching a service in beta. Version 6.0 of the software and a monthly $6.95 fee will give you access to 15 million tracks including unsigned and ‘unclaimed’ music. Premium content (i.e. major label acts) will only be available to those paying the $6.95 fee. The new software (Windows users only folks) is claimed to have no spyware, ads or adware and is basically the iMesh Media Player.

Though first out of the gate, iMesh is soon to be joined by Mashboxx, which does have major label content though only from from Sony BMG to date. The complexities of a licensed P2P service has meant that development has been slow but thereare some big name getting involved in the space and *if* it works, the ease of use could prove most tempting for music lovers.