Aside from a striking graphical look, they do have a good design ethos, Napster is finally telling its own story instead of the repetitive ‘we’re not iTunes … we’re not iTunes’. Yes, we got that but what is Napster all about?

Well, now they’re telling their story and it’s a sea change for music consumer. Own nothing but have everything i.e. rental is good as you can enjoy everything you could possibly want but you don’t have to buy a thing (unless you want to of course). This has always been what the service is about but they spent the past 12 months telling everyone what they’re not, with competition likely to be hotting up over the next 3-4 months with new subscriptions service coming online – not to mention the new kids (kinda) on the block HMV and Virgin Digital making more marketing noise (and both enjoying a 2 million songs catalogue from MusicNet) – and that all important Christmas market with digital audio players flying off the shelves, this is a crucial time for Napster. The burn rate is high and it’s crucial the company communicates the subscription story well, otherwise it could all go a bit pear-shaped.

The Register has details on Napster’s campaign.