Sailing past the mythical ‘difficult second album’, a slight dip in form with Softcore Jukebox and a three-year hiatus (label issues), Ladytron has created a third album in Witching Hour that resembles a delicious audio car crash between Abba and Kraftwerk. From the slow build-up of opener High Rise, it dives into the single Destroy Everything You Touch, by this time I’m already annoying folks around me with the tapping feet and drumming on the desk. Things take a turn towards heartbreak with International Dateline but to be fair things are bleak throughout the album. That doesn’t make it a downer, quite the opposite, this is a lively, fresh collection. Thanks goodness black is back, this is the band’s best to date.

Recommended listening:
1. Destroy Everything You Touch
2. High Rise
3. Fighting In Built-up Areas
4. International Dateline

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