The losses are getting smaller and the subscriber numbers are creeping upwards for Napster but even with a $127 million+ war chest, you have to wonder if it can last the course without being bought or collapsing. Hey, I’m only spitting here: 448,000 subscribers and 151% rise in revenues to $23.4 million is definite progress but a $13.4 million hole for the quarter is still a hunk of change.

During the financial report, Napster’s Chris Gorog also revealed the company will soon launch a free music detination, which I would guess could well be spinning off the magazine the company has spent a lot of time and money on but it sits within the Napster application itself and is all too easy to miss. It’s a good product and if that is the basis for the new website, sorry destination. It could do OK, well in the US anyhow as the UK version is simply a rebadge. Which reminds me, we really do need a big name, well-run, content rich music website in the UK.