Waited a few days to see if this would develop i.e. be confirmed or debied but nothing much further has emerged. In summary EMI’s Alan Levy is claiming that Apple is preparing to come round the major labels viewpoint that flexibility is required for digital music pricing i.e. new or unknown artists are cheaper while the established acts cost more than Apple’s one-size-fits-all 79p/99c per song. The Wall Street Journal reported Levy’s comments and already the wires are buzzing that Apple may lift its top price. “There is a common understanding that we will have to come to a variable pricing structure. The issue is when,” the paper quoted Levy. “There is a case for superstars to have a higher price.”

It would be a real shame if the labels have forced this change through – Apple is negotiating renewed licences for its music – the timing sucks as the market is still nowhere near mainstream and there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before that happens. Still, the labels would be quite happy if this whole digital thing would just go away …

Bad news guys, it won’t.