A revamped RealMusic has been unleashed online with radio stations, music on demand and videos. There’s even an erotic section, which I suspect could be a real money earner. Described as an evolution of RealPass, the service also boasts downloads, ringtones (£4.99 a month) and community services to boot.

There are more than 300 channels or stations available with the mix created by Real’s music editors. The setup offers some free stations though for £8.50 a month you get access to the premium stations. Subscribers can run a search on an artist of their choice and find a range of radio stations either dedicated to the artist or to the genre in which the music sits. A full complement of BBC radio stations is also available.

The video offering is fairly limited at the moment but if the success of video demand through iTunes is anything to go by then it’s likely to be beefed up over time.

Personlisation comes in the form of favourites – stations and editing of RealMusic pages. Most popular videos and music is also on offer.

Downloads are more expensive than iTunes at 99p each song or £7.99 for an album but there are no tools on offer to get the music from service to digital audio player of your choice.

“Music lovers are looking for new ways to create, discover and share music anywhere, anytime,” says Gabriel Levy, Head of Music, RealNetworks Europe. “RealMusic is the first comprehensive music service to give users access to radio, music videos, downloads and ringtones – plus the ability to play and buy original user-generated music.”