A new survey, just in time for Christmas and the iPod rush, shows that the majority of people getting music online are still doing so from illegal sources rather than licensed shiny digital music services such as iTunes and Napster. Only one in six people said that they got their music exclusively from licensed sources while 51% admitted using the dark side.

The survey was to mark AOL launching its Play legal information campaign.

And, to further furrow brows at the BPI and beyond, a recent attempt to put across the recording industry’s side of the ‘don’t download illegally’ argument in the UK press has been met with cyniscism as The Guardian letters page filled up with replies.

That campaign continues in The Times today with the hare ’em scare ’em tactic of ‘we will find and fine those who illegally download’ (said in a big James Earl Jones kinda voice). Can’t see that making a blind bit of difference, something more like a leaflet in simple non-agressive English bundled with each digital audio player would be more effective. Still, more court cases in the new year no doubt.