Platforms will always win over applications according to Tim O’Reilly in this brave new Web 2.0 world and Real has obviously been listening with its music offering RealMusic relaunching as a web-based service, so opening the door to allcomers and not only Windows users. Offering radio, videos, downloads, ringtones and more, it’s a very promising restart for a company that has been slow to react the changing digital music landscape. This is the closet thing that UK users can get to the excellent Rhapsody service. A Real Player installation is mandatory but having played with it a little over Christmas, it’s looking a pretty strong contender as a must-go music destination in terms of content on offer, still not sure of the design and interface but as a web service those changes are sooo much easier and quicker to make than in an application..

Interestingly, its music downloads come from Music Choice and not from Rhapsody’s own collection.