Tweaks ahoy! Yahoo has revised its Music Engine to make greater play of playlists (a fine idea), whether that’s creating or sharing through IM or email, as well as synching with portable devices and a home music network feature – “The Yahoo! Music Engine will automatically detect any supported devices on your network and allow users to easily play music from their collections throughout their home on any supported network music device.” Nothing new but the company is keeping its eye on the ball. No news on figures for its US and UK music services, which were dramatically underpriced in order to attract market share. This plan was holed below the waterline though as Apple’s dominance of the digital music space grew rather than shrank.

“The ability for users to create, manage and search for playlists is a necessity for today’s music fans as they gain access to larger music libraries,” stated Dave Goldberg, Head of Yahoo! Music. “Our new innovations focused on providing users the essential tools for better personalization and community, as well as the ability to have their playlists available to them wherever they are.”