Bypassing 3G altogether, the Chrysalis radio group is plannig to launch a music download service that will use the data capacity available via the digital audio broadcasting (DAB) system. DAB-enabled phones have been trialled by BT during the latter part of last year and early of this and full-scale rollout of mobile with a DAB chip is set for July with Virgin Mobile amongst the first providers to announce handsets. DAB not broadcasts digital audio but there is a separate data channel which can be used for information such as an electronic programme guide (EPG) or as Chrysalis is proposing, straight data or digital music. Tracks will be deilvered simultaneously to your handset and your computer, so neatly sidestepping the compatibility issues that remain between PCs and phones and the service is likely to be subscription based plus a per track fee.

Mobile will be the hot spot this summer with rumours growing of an Apple-produced handset to marry with its iTunes music service and providers such as 3G and Orange already doing strong business with over the air (OTA) downloads.