Games and music have helped Real Networks post a 13% rise in profits for the first quarter and that the Rhapsody digital music service now has almost 1.6 million subscribers (Napster 600,000, no figures still from Yahoo!). Real boss Rob Glaser injected a note of reality into reporting on the figures noting that though doing well, subscription services are entirely dependent on compatible hardware, which is sadly lacking at the moment.

“We have been saying for quite a while that taking music subscriptions to the next level requires the ability for people to enjoy subscription music wherever they want–at home, at work, and on the go,” he said. “It will take great devices that support portable music subscriptions and tightly integrated with Rhapsody on the PC is what it will take. Last year, when the first generation of these portable subscription devices hit the market, we supported them technically, but as we stated at the time, we didn’t feel these devices were at the time ready for broad adoption.”