Digital Data Exchange, or DDEX has launched with the promise of becoming a network for digital music services to develop and encourage voluntary standards to improve the data exchange between digital music service companies. About time you may say, but don’t hold your breath as the conflicting aims and standards in place could take some time to resolve but at least it’s a step in right direction.

All the major labels have signed up, along with music rights societies ASCAP, MCPS-PRS and finally the big players in the music space Apple, Real and Microsoft.

DDEX chairman, Chris Amenita, said: “By working together and developing voluntary technical standards, we can harmonize and streamline the exchange of information relating to digital music. That’s great news for the all participants across the whole value chain – from artists and writers through to the consumer. Our work here is just beginning. We invite any organization or company involved in digital music to join us. Together we can help fully empower and unlock the future of digital music.”

Details and more info at the DDEX website.