Amid much fanfare, MusicGremlin has launched in the US via The wireless digital music player claims to let you have all the fun of the digital music fair but without the need of a computer. The player supports MP3 file formats but the subsciption music service that goes with the player – $14.99 per month or 99 cents per track) comes from MusicNet and so is powered by the Windows Media Platform.

Though the player itself is unlikely to succeed, it does mean that wireless capability will be very much back on the media’s and hence, the digital music services agenda. Napster does have a fledgling wireless service for mobile phones and wireless providers have some hopelessly difficult and expensive services of their own but that aside for the WIFI-enabled consumer there’s not much on the ground. Rumours abound of an iPod/iPhone and WIFI-enabled mobile handsets are coming to the market but it seems that until the end of 2006, WIFI DMS will remain a slightly cryptic acronym rather than the buzz words on consumers’ lips.