While Napster and Ericsson are banging on dorrs with a mobile music service and network providers keep offering up an over-priced and under-developed pure mobile music play, UBC could well have cut thir legs away with a simple plan combining mobile and radio. UBC, along with Chrysalis Radio (Heart and Galaxy to name two) is planning to offer mobile phone users, who get a new DAB-enabled handset (shipping from next month), the chance to buy a track they hear on the radio with one click of the button.

That click would cost you about £1.25 per track but for that you would get a version downloaded to your mobile phone and also one sent to your computer to load onto your portable digital music player of choice (OK, your iPod). Brilliant.

Network operators will hope that new handsets that store more and more tracks will be an answer for them but will incompatibility and a lack of side-loading is available, it seems most unlikely that that will ever move out of being a niche market.

The UBC offering, if it works, is spot on IMHO.