I can’t believe I’ve not updated this blog for nine months. I think that’s a fair reflection of what the BBC did to me. Basically sucked all the energy and creativity right out of my bones. So much process, politics and wasted energy will do that to a man.

Interestingly, Tom Coates, who worked at the BBC at the same time as me has written a piece about fearing the ever-inceasing influence and power of Ashley Highfield over the interactive operations at the BBC. He seemed to think that there were bubbles of creativity that escaped that crushing process. I think he right on that count but wrong to blame Highfield, he’s simply working his way towards another fat paycheck and a BBC pension. He steers the ship and has the ear of the director general Mark Thompson but the ship remains the same ship before him and will remain the same ship after he’s left. It’s the structure, attitudes and processes that remain the same. Those coming after him, the shining lights of the interactive departments are already programmed the same way.

The pig-headedness, waste and lack of accountability will eventually bring the BBC down, which is a shame as the core proposition is something the British people were and should be proud of. But these days it’s too big, too dumb and too filled with people who are content to steer the ship as it is rather than taking it out of the water, stripping it down and making it fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Anyhow, back to music and book reviews …