Blessed is the return of the great pop album for it warms the heart, causes the feet to tap and reminds you that for all its myriad of purposes, music can simply be fun.

With echoes of Prefab Sprout at their height of powers, Captain come out of the traps flying, powered with a little Trevor Horn production turbo charge, but the songs hold up by themselves. The gloss Horn brings to the party means that repeat listens reveal a little more each time, especially as the hooks wrap themselves around yor brain and like a sugar-packed treat leave you wandering when you can get your next hit.

Do I like this album? No, I love it. I’ve listened to it every day for the past week and each time leaves me with a smile on my face and a little mental note to listen to it again. No doubt, I’ll wear myself out and then go off it for a while but I suspect that when I dig it out again, I’ll fall in love all over again.


Recommended listening:
1. Glorious
2. Broke
3. Frontline
4. This Heart Keeps Beating For Me

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