Apple’s big 12th September announcement proved slightly predictable but then there were rumours a plenty to cover any eventuality! From an interface perspective, Apple has been working hard on iTunes, adding the excellent CoverFlow as a method of viewing your music collection, providing free artwork for all your music collection whether bought through the service or not and then splitting out the section/navigation to make separate space for music, film, TV shows, imported CDs and, of course, your iPod.

Total song sales for iTunes have now passed 1.5 billion and the service has retained its dominance across the board, becoming a top five retailer of music in the US, compared to the hard copies retailing giants of Walmart etc. It’s number one in the other 21 national amrket the service has launched in as well.

The addition of movies and a further expansion of TV shows available was mirrored by bigger top of the range iPods, a revamp for the Nano and a shrinking of the Shuffle too little more than 1/2 ounce aluminium square (quite beautiful really). Prices dropped and colours added but there’s heaps of coverage on that elsewhere.