Which is to say that the majority of music on the millions of iPods out there comes from CDs ripped through iTunes or other more nafarious means. Using the statistically dodgy comparison of tunes solds versus iPods sold, the average purchases has dropped to 20 songs per iPod from 27 two years ago. In Europe the application is by far the most popular means of utilising the digital audio player but the extension of the store is only used regularly by less than 20% of owners.

Not all bad news though as sales of digital music are expected to double for 2006 over the sales in 2005 to just under $500 million.

In terms of behaviour, the Jupiter report points out that non-iPod owners are more likely to turn to peer-to-peer services (someone tell Mr Ballmer), while all digital music buyers cherry pick their favourite tracks, so consigning the album concept to the bin it would seem. Mind you, it was only ever a music owners/labels idea in the first place…