UK radio station ClassicFM has completed the cycle of listening to purchase by doing a white label deal with eMusic, which will supply digital downloads through the radio station’s website. Profits will be split and the music will be available as MP3 format and so compatibility issues are nil.

“We play pop music that happens to be 400 years old,” says Classic FM station manager Darren Henley. “This was the pop music of its day, but one of the problems is that much of the music is by dead guys – Mozart isn’t about to pop down to HMV in Oxford Street to do a signing – so you have to think of new ways of bringing this music to people. Our job is to help new people discover classic music.”

Classical music has often been cited in the past few months as the next big wave of digital downloads. That said, sales figures would indicate that download sales will double for 2006 over 2005.