Sometimes I forget that I have this blog as I write so much all day, every day for my work that there just aren’t any words left. It’s Christmas 2006, I’m knackered but happy. Releasing myself from working at the BBC, where many a fine folk toil but under questionable leadership, I’ve simplified what I want to do and I’ve never been happier.

It’s hard work, there’s many an obstacle to overcome but the simple thing of doing something you enjoy and getting paid for it is a joy. I love music. I’ve always loved music, I remember things but the songs of the time or that I heard in the background. I’ve written more than 100 pieces in six months and it’s been great to back them out, put them online and some people are interested in and some not so much. But I get paid to work with smart people, listen to music (a lot) and have targets to aim for – not much but damn it’s good.

Looking forward to next year, it’s already running away from me with January being France, February the Brits and March another big event (did one in November, which you can watch online). So, that’s into Spring or April but a few good tours and albums will take care of that and then, bang, Glastonbury, festivals, O2 Dome and another live event. Hot damn! I just hope we deliver some great stuff to as many folks as we can – which will be a lot more than 2006!