Forecasts for digital music remains bullish and none more so than the snappily titled Interactive Content And Convergence: Implications For The Information Society from the European Commission. A ninefold increase to €1.1 billion by 2010 of digital music sales in Europe is being forecast. Both games and music are pegged as the hot spots in the nine-month study’s findings.

Designed to aid the creation of European policies in the digital media space, the report did endorse the use of digital rights management, something that is hotting up as a topic of debate in the music industry. Many industry folks at MIDEM in Cannes were forecasting the death of DRM in less than 3 years. Well. apart from Universal Music who are building their own digital music services (again) using the minority Windows Media DRM (also again). The company announced an SMS-driven mobile music play with Groove Mobile powering the service.