Once again, speculation over whether The Beatles back catalogue will be released digitally is mounting. This time the fuel for the fire is the deal announced between the group’s operating company Apple Corps and long-time record label EMI. Details haven’t been revealed but it is being hailed as the final hurdle before the Fab Four’s music becomes available – most likely through the other Apple’s iTunes.

More than a year ago the entire catalogue was overhauled for the Beatles’ Love mash-up album and presumably for digital release as well. Even Ringo hinted strongly that the time had come. With digital laying an increasing role in music consumers’ lives, the fear could be that interest and awareness of the band and its music is ebbing away.

The Beatles remain the main musical hold-outs, though Led Zeppelin and Radiohead fans may disagree, and a change in leadership at Apple Corps at the same time as the EMI deal could be enough for the groups controlling interests to finally make the jump.

Strangely enough, even as a Beatles admirer, I really stopped caring about a year ago. As important as the band and its music are, the world has moved on and perhaps Apple Corp and EMI are over-estimating just how much importance a change will make. Great for marketing an advertising whichever service lands their tunes but will The Beatles return to rule the charts on the back of digital sales? Maybe for two weeks but after that the caravan moves on.