US Mac fans are busy bending their credit cards following the release of the much anticipated iPhone. Tied into the AT&T US mobile network, the phone has been selling briskly and Apple has released iTunes v 7.3 to allow syncing with the new iPod/iPhone.

So far, so good with many press reports all landing in the affirmative category – CNet going suitably nuts with pics, video and much more, and of course, given it’s an APple product there’s the obligatory deconstruction video/manual.

The iPhone boasts a better life than the top notch iPod but can’t be run as an iPod alone and it won’t run any other company’s SIM card. Rumours are already rife of a deal in the UK with Carphone Warehouse, T-Mobile and also having the iPhone running on a 3G network. That said, Apple have already stated that 3G may be some time away due to impact on battery life. A European/UK launch is planned for the end of the year.