Details of a new digital music policy by UMG is emerging as new artist Colbie Caillat has revealed on her MySpace website that all UMG artists are now only allowed to surface 90-seconds of audio online and not full tracks without some form of promotional message or talkover.

UMG really is beginning to believe the stuff on its internal powerpoint presentations! To think that by cutting off official audio postings in late 2007, that will somehow that will reverse the general trends in the music business is both incredibly dumb and incredibly arrogant at the same time. Perhaps, the company really believes it will simply buy everyone else and be the only player in the market (legislation permitting) and so then be able to control the whole music market.


There’s so much wrong with this policy that it’s almost impossible to know where to start, it says more about UMG as a company than any posting on this blog can ever do. I don’t know whether to laugh or fume, think I’ll just move on.