Universal Music has formally annouced the leaked deal with mobile manufacturer Nokia that will see buyers of certain handsets have the ability to download as much of the UMG catalogue as they can fit onto their handsets. For Nokia, it’s another step pushing them towards status in the music world and an attempt to wrestle music consumption onto mobile handsets.

For UMG, it’s a further experiment in revenue generation as the company willre ceive an undisclosed amount of money from each handset sale. What’s most interesting, as is pointed out in this IHT article, is that UMG is effectively conceding that they don’t expect young folks to pay for music which is a stunning defeat. I mean this is a long game, is it really so difficult to plan long-term to demonstrate the value of music? Again, it feels like labels are looking for short-term gains to shore up stock price for the sake of long-term viability.