The heat around music and mobile is being turned up a notch in the US with the Dave Matthews Band and Van Halen the latest to agree to ringtones of their music being made available. Both bands had long held out but once demand was demonstrated, they’ve relented.

Both bands and labels are more and more regarding the mobile space as their next possible saviour. UMG in the UK, and internationally, has been pretty active in this space while EMI has been so for some time.

Sadly, despite deals such as the one between Nokia and UMG, the consumer doesn’t seem to be coming out the winner, though the Nokia deal doesn’t directly charge the user for the music. Platforms remain incompatible and sideloading tricky. The idea prevailing is that people won’t want a mobile device for music and one as a phone, however sales of both would indicate that this isn’t the case currently and without greater transparency and ease of use why should that change.