What a rollercoaster ride the past 12 months have been. Very happy to be back in the AOL fold but somewhat battered by a series of reorganisations. Strange as it may sound, they’ve not been unexpected. The business has been trying to catch up with the rest of the world. I mean broadband is a lock-down, no more real money to be made in that market, so logical to exit at the peak as was done in January of this year.

The nine months since then have all been about getting the right people in the right slots and getting the business into the right shape and that’s been painful. There have been some sad losses along the way and some not so bad. The new structure is fit for purpose now. Personally, I know what I can do but as Christmas approaches, I’m still waiting to hear if I’m ‘on the bus’. Whichever way it goes, life is good and I’m excited about the future. I’d like to see the job through with AOL but it’s out of my hands now.

Interesting to drop into this blog again having been away for a year. It’s been next to impossible to sit down for 10-20 minutes and slap something down – for a year it’s been like that! No wonder I’m knackered. I did notice a comment on a much earlier post about my attacking the BBC structure and so it’s been fascinating to read through the news in the papers of the BBC’s changes of late. I take onboard the comment that the build and test model has its successes but I stand by my point that the internal processes of Auntie are flawed. I hope they improve, I believe in the idea of the BBC but I do think that what we have now is top-heavy, poorly managed and wasteful beyond belief.