I’m working my way through three books at once and at the moment most of my attention is on the excellent tome Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins. A study of the contrasting movements of consumers’ media consumption exploding while the media producers are constricting and merging into fewer and bigger conglomerates. What’s most interesting so far is the contrast with Good To Great by Jim Collins, which is also one of the three books I’m reading, which covers why some companies become and stay great while others flare and fail. There are no media companies covering by Mr Collins while of course Henry Jenkins touches on quite a few.

I’m not finished with either book yet but it has started me thinking why it is that media companies seem incapable of peaking and then moving onto to a further higher level. Of course, media landscapes change rapidly but generally it’s been the delivery platform that has changed – print, digital media, TV, radio etc, so why have UK companies such as EMAP, IPC, Sky and TimeWarner in the US and so on had such problems creating convergence? They’re content creators and yet the little fish keep stealing their lunch.

Anyhow, as I said not finished with either book yet, but just an initial thought.