The key quote from this story is te one that goes “The music industry may be dumb enough to try this, but its chances of success are nil.” To what does it refer? The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is testing the legal waters by suing a man for copying music from his legally purchased CDs to his computer…

Staggering. The industry is in turmoil, physical sales are dropping like a stone so what does the industry body do? It tries to tighten the legal noose another notch. Yes, legally i.e. the letter of the law you can’t copy your music from CD to your computer but in the real world the industry should be making fast moves to help people enjoy the music in any which way they damn well please. BTW, the law is the same in the UK.

It’s a sure-fire way to drive people towards illegal sources of music. As DRM continues its slow death march, one hand of the industry doesn’t seem to know what the other is doing. Of all the dumb short-sighted things the industry has done in 2007, this is the winner by far.

Wired has picked up and commented on this story.

UPDATE – to be fair Machinist has rightly picked up on more of the detail behind this story and while the RIAA still stands behind the legal point, it isn’t actively suing folks specifically for making copies from CDs. The story started with a legal defence attorney who has cried wolf with regard to his client who is being chased legally for copying from his CDs but a whole lot more besides.