Little by little SonyBMG is edging towards the DRM-free world. According to this article in BusinessWeek, the last major label to stick with DRM in order to sell digital music has been conducting a series of tests that have convinced those inside the organisation that this could work. Better still, they can probably get Amazon or ANother company to provide those DRM-free tracks at variable pricing, something Apple/iTunes has steadfastly refused to do to date.

Nothing confirmed but the leaks are strong and steady and point to a big SuperBowl launch in conjunction with Pepsi (wonder where they got that idea?) with a raft of free tracks – which seems somewhat perverse. Still, at last digital music is moving towards to the consumer.

MORE – Wired has run with the story illustrating the point with multiple quotes about how no one wants DRM etc but also makes the good point that while this *may* impact on iTunes sales, it will only help the iPod. As Apple makes more money from the hardware, which is, let’s face it, what this whole chunk of business is about, I would imagine that the consumer is going to win in more ways than one as more music will be available from more places (perhaps for more money) and all sources will work with your iPod. Better still it might just kick iTunes into gear and make those guys up their game as it’s been a little too easy for them for the past few years and big leaps forward in product and interface has been noticable by their absence.