I’m happily running the beta of Firefox III for the Mac OS X and it’s been remarkably well behaved for a beta until today. I’ve hit all manner of websites – Java, Flash-driven, even Microsoft websites (usually causing a Mac browser misfire or two) but no problems (OK, why no home button) but only when I hit US commentator Ann Coulter’s website did it fall over.

I’m not sure what it is about Ann Coulter. I’m sure I should be offended by her polemic but somehow I can’t take her seriously. OK, she does have legs way up to here and is typically WASP blonde but there’s something about the way in which she constantly throws petrol on various topical fires in US politics that intrigues me.

Sadly, as the Republicans start on their self-destruct cycle – well OK that started with Bush Jnr winning the nomination – Ms Coulter’s star will wane and fade and though politically I can wait for that to happen, from a ying and yang discussion or row point of view it’s important to have something to push against.

Update – Coulter’s still trying the same schtick, ranting and raving but this time that she’s being ignored. All together … aaaah 😦