Henry Jenkins has written a fascinating tome entitled Convergence Culture covering the match points between the digital and physical culture. The first two thirds touches on many points around social networks as well as the impact/changes that digital culture is having on the physical world.

A total emphasis on US culture, politics and services means that, while interesting, a non-US reader will perhaps find it harder to find the hook points to pull you through what, at times, gets a little too wordy/verbose for my tastes.

There’s much to be learned from Jenkins’ work, especially around smart mobs and the crossover points in culture, but sadly the last third gets a little too academic in tone and approach and I found it tough to finish this book, having been really intrigued at first. I stepped into this from another business book – From Good To Great by Jim Collins – with the thought of taking the lessons leaned from Collins and merging them with Jenkins directions. However, Collins’ points are universal, regardless of delivery platform or business, while Jenkins provides a great 100-mile high view but each person will filter them through their own prism

Convergence Culture is a good read that stimulates but personally I could have dealt with it better in smaller chunks but that’s more about me and my reading style than Jenkins and his writing.