OK, there’s no really good reason for the action I’ve just taken. Why buy an iPod Touch when I already have a 60Gb iPod classic (lots of music) and a beautiful iPod Shuffle (all the new music I need to check out)? The final clincher was the increase in hard drive size, 32Gb is just fine for all my preferred playlists, contacts and other bits and bobs. OK, I can’t fit 13,000 tracks, podcasts and videos on it but the battery would be long dead before I could get through that lot.

The original draw was the iPhone but frankly the limitations with the current model and my aversion to mobile phone contracts that strip money from my bank account for no good reason mean I can resist that shiny thing for some time yet. However, the interface on the iPod Touch/iPhone is truly a thing of great beauty and following a frankly insulting bonus from work I thought I should cheer myself up. Hence, iPod number three for me.

And, it’s brilliant. Slim, solid and, even with my fat fingers, responsive. Easy to use as easy can be there are a few wrinkles though…
– Wireless connectivity: Once running, it’s fab but setup i.e. getting your MAC number and logging it into your wireless network should be much easier.
– Email: Again, once running it’s fab and groovy but why doesn’t it simply import my email settings from my Mac? I’ve already done all that setting up malarky, I don’t want to do it again.
UPDATE: OK, If I had scrolled down the iTunes setup, there it is – doh!
– Flash. Well documented all around the net, there really is no good reason for this iteration of Safari comign preloaded with Flash, especially as so much video (and more to come) is streaming in Flash. A niggle but the way I use the web, it’s a stupid miss.
– iTunes Navigation: Basically fine but the user journey inside a playlist when a track is playing is simply not right. Sometimes I want to take one step back but the only way I’ve found so far is to do a bleedin’ grand big loop out and back into iTunes again. And why can I connect to iTunes wireless but not see TV shows, Films and the weekly free track to download. Again, silly mistake.

Those aside, everything about the iPod Touch is brilliant. Immediately, using a scroll wheel seems so yesterday/last week/last year. I want everything to work like this and it’s done more than cheer me up, it’s made me all giddy about technology all over again (though that does happen about three times a year).